Research methodology in social sciences

File: research methodology in social sciences
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Max Weber-The methodology of the social sciences (1949).pdf(6.05 MB )23877604
Unit 22, research methodology, BETC Nationals Health & social Care Student Book 1(39 Mb )10187667
Calculus for Business, Economics, Life sciences and social sciences(27.16MB )13358707
the Three Cultures: Natural sciences, social sciences...(2Mb )33316857
Committee on Microgravity research. Assessment of Directions in Microgravity and Physical sciences research at NASA (National Academies Press,2004)(IS(4MB )12004566
research methodology Lecture 5 (MiniCourse)(105 Mb )11746446
Essentials Of research Design And methodology(3Mb )15428906
Explaining social Behavior More Nuts and Bolts for the social sciences(2.20MB )13005880
Fundamental of research methodology and Statistics - Yogesh Kumar Singh(0 bytes )28966111
research methodology, 3E- Kumar [Epub & Mobi] [StormRG](7.76 MB )40976785
research methodology - Methods and Techniques (C.R.Kothari, 2e, 2004)(0 bytes )48675147
BIOLOGICAL sciences:Notable research and Discoveries{BBS}(12Mb )43537559
(Handbooks of Sociology and social research) Jane D. McLeod, Edward J. Lawler, Michael Schwalbe (eds.)-Handbook of the social Psychology of inequality(9.26 MB )47477467
Gravetter - research Methods for the Behavioral sciences 4th c2012 txtbk.pdf(3.41 MB )35775990
TTC Guidebooks social sciences(52Mb )41865699
SPSS - Statistics for social sciences(445.8 MB )33448365
international Encyclo social sciences(52.83MB )9877173
Fenggang Yang - social Scientific Studies of Religion in China. methodology, Theories, and Findings [2011][A](2.67 MB )15704442
international Encyclopedia of the social & Behavioral sciences(142.68MB )14585976
Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of the social sciences(1.22MB )47134270
international Encyclopedia of the social sciences, 9 Vol - (Mal(39Mb )20698839
international Encyclopedia Of The social & Behavioral sciences.pdf(182MB )35334312
Mathematical Applications for the Management Life and social sciences(122.09 MB )41188317
Statistical Models and Causal inference A Dialogue with the social sciences(1.30 MB )39417509
Case Studies and Theory Development in the social sciences (27)(1.63MB )15625953
Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and social sciences (10th Ed)(122.08 MB )17105535
Applied Calculus for the Life and social sciences - Larson - LibraryPirate.pdf(68MB )30355672
Peter Baehr - Hannah Arendt, Totalitarianism, and the social sciences [2010][A](2.13 MB )30576847
(social sciences) the spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes S(4Mb )22376495
Applied Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and social sciences - Tan Ed6.pdf(36.28 MB )23995423
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